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Since our inception, Doolster has been focused on building strategic quality organizations in the FinTech industry.  

Doolster is an Consulting and Management company for Private Equity and Venture Capital focused portfolios. Heavily focusing in the consumer finance industry Doolster and our portfolio of companies specialize in creating innovative and technology driven companies that focus on attracting and retaining consumers as customers with post purchase, pre-funding engagement and outreach platforms.  In today's Connected Economy we create commerce with the promise of human engagement.  

Doolster was founded by Marc Dooley.  He is a sought expert in delivering transformative leadership and guidance to companies that want to exponentially grow their revenue and market share.  As a Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer for a large national mortgage and personal loan lender he led the organization in building its business from $100M in fundings to surpass $1.4B in fundings per month. He has advised start-up consumer finance companies in building systems and client acquisition strategies that enabled these companies to receive more than $720M in private equity and become leaders in their particular niche. He was instrumental in working with the world largest manufacturer of rapid antigen tests to grow that business to $5.8 Billion. He is passionate about using collabortive and innovative technologies to engage audiences with responsible marketing catering to consumer behavior and culture attribution.  

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